Our Book List

As we travel this journey of investigating insights, ideas and tools for the new economy, we find ourselves reading a lot of books, some new and some older classics ranging on topics from investing, the stock market, economy, mindfulness, marketing and many more. Many of our readers ask us what books we have read or are reading so we have added this page to share these with you.

The books above have been mentioned in some of our blog posts. Here is a listing, which is a work in progress, of where some of these books have been featured or mentioned.

Rapaille’s book is mentioned in our post on The Rational Price which discusses how all of us make decisions on price. We may not really be as rational as we all think we are.

Seth Godin’s book is mentioned in our post on The Tribal Echo Chamber. In that post we provide insights on the concept of tribes and provide some tools for being more conscious of the tribes one may wish to join or wish to lead.

James Gleick’s book on Richard Feynman is mentioned in our post on The Illusion of Understanding.  This post, as the title implies, delves into  the topic of understanding and how we can be duped by those we think our experts, as well as how we can dupe ourselves by thinking we understand something better than we actually we do. In the article we also provide some ideas and tools for avoiding this trap.

In our post The Willpower Battery we discuss the concept of willpower and works such as this one written by Stanford University professor Kelly McGonigal. Our post provides a brief overview of some of the tools and techniques for boosting willpower. We recommend diving into books such as this one in order to become well versed on the topic.

Caldini’s book and the term “social proof” which he popularized both get mentioned in our post Bitcoin and the Bandwagon. In this post we discuss influences, such as social proof,  that may affect people as they jump on or off the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency bandwagon.

We are fans of Mr. Taleb and probably reference him and his works in several places. In The 4 Cryptocurrency Opinions we reference this book which presents a convincing case on our inability to predict events with hard-edged analysis.