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Understanding how the technology landscape is changing and how it can affect your business has become a necessity, just ask any hotel if they have heard of Airbnb!

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Achieving Quantum Surpremacy

The race is clearly on and many companies, governments, educational institutions, individuals are throwing major effort in to gain a lead in quantum computing. Read on to discover what we have learned from a scan of the market and where the current players are in the race to develop quantum computing.
Feature Report

The Genomics Bottleneck
Who holds the solution?

This report includes our in depth analysis of the cross section of Genomics and Big Data. We take a special look at MPEG-G, the compression technology standard built for genomics data, as well as highlight the startups with potential solutions that may simplify the handling of genomics data. We also take a look at a selection of startups employing blockchain technology with genomics data along with our standard SWOT analysis.

Find out how the coming mass of genomics data may impact the industry and who may hold the solution!

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