The Relativity of Space, Time … and the RIF6 cube mini-projector

By October 17, 2017Technology
The Hutch Report

As someone who travels and has traveled frequently for business there are definitely some gadgets and pieces of technology that have made life easier and indeed fun. One of these that for which I have actually taken a small leap and bought for myself is the palm-sized handheld mini RIF6 projector.

While not a mind blowing leap into the future it is still a nice incremental step in miniaturization and bringing what used to be super expensive in a much larger size into both a physically smaller and lower cost realm.

It fits in the palm of your hand and can be used to project screen presentations from your smartphone or an sd card. It is super portable and can be projected onto any flat surface. The cube is not for anyone seeking super high definition resolution. The cube is for anyone seeking a super portable, rugged and functional mini smartphone projector. It is awesome for what it is and what it can do.

Two main reasons why I bought it:

  1. Giving impactful business presentations (pdf, powerpoint, keynote, etc) or demoing things (apps, navigation, etc) from my smartphone.  Great for when meetings are in conference rooms with no projector or for impromptu meetings in a coffee shop or non-traditional environment. This has made a huge difference in the quality of discussion of my meetings and the following outcomes. This has freed me up from the stress of wondering how I will be able to present and share my ideas, plus since it is relatively new and not so common, people are always intrigued. That makes it fun.
  2. Speaking of fun, it is awesome for sharing movies or content from my smartphone with friends and family. Just project them up onto the wall.

What is included:

  • It comes with a super easy to use small tripod
  • Two mini HDMI cables, one for Samsung phone, one compatible for most other android devices
  • Plug in wall adapter (although you may need one for your country if purchasing outside the US)
  • A small remote control

What is not included

  • It does not have Bluetooth or wireless connectivity options. This is ok in my book, saves on battery power.
  • iPhone cable: It does not include an HDMI adapter for iPhones. To use an iPhone with it you need to get a lightning-to-hdmi adapter. That’s ok too, they are easy to find and a link where you can order this online is included in this post.
  • Headphone/speaker cable: You would only need this if you need better sound. The built-in speaker is very basic, so if you did want to watch a movie (Netflix, Apple, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Vimeo, etc) or any other content from your phone you would want to plug in an external speaker. I have a small portable palm held speaker that works just fine in these cases. Most portable speakers come with the required cable, the rif6 has a standard 3.5mm audio socket jack (same as smartphone audio-jack). Included in this post is a link for the perfect small speaker to go with your Rif6. There is a perceptible noise from the fan on the device, but it is not loud and is not an issue. Any projector big or small has the same issues so this is not really unique to the Rif6.


Here is a good review from our friends at idownload blog.

In summary, for the price/quality/intended-use ratio, I am very pleased with the RIF6 cube and it’s relationship to space and time. Who knows, you may even want to use it while you are being chauffeured around in your driverless car or being fed by your smart refrigerator while kicking back to watch a movie with some robot friends.